Getting Started

Setting Up

Make sure that you are using >= python3.5 and install invoke for your current python3 version.

pip install setuptools==37.0.0
pip install invoke==0.13.0

Install requirements

invoke install

Or for some nicities (like tests)

invoke install --develop

Start the server

invoke server

Start the celery worker

invoke celery



Known Issues

Updated, 2018-01-02: WB has been updated to work with setuptools==37.0.0, as of WB release v0.37. The following issue should not happen for new installs, but may occur if you downgrade to an older version. Running invoke install -d with setuptools v31 or greater can break WaterButler. The symptom error message is: "AttributeError: module 'waterbutler' has no attribute '__version__'". If you encounter this, you will need to remove the file waterbutler-nspkg.pth from your virtualenv directory, run pip install setuptools==30.4.0, then re-run invoke install -d.

invoke $command results in '$command' did not receive all required positional arguments!: this error message occurs when trying to run WaterButler v0.30.0+ with invoke<0.13.0. Run pip install invoke==0.13.0, then retry your command.

Running Tests

Make sure that you already have dev-requirements

invoke test